1. Buffalo Lawn & Landscape Lawn Services

    Buffalo Lawn & Landscape knows lawn care and we will work hard to make your lawn the greenest and the healthiest blanket of lush green grass it can be. We know that having a green, healthy lawn is important to you and your family. Lawn maintenance is labor intensive and requires a balance of patience and intervention. We’ve got the know-how and the experience to put to use for you. Lawn care…Read More

  2. Summer Garden and Lawn Maintenance Chores

    Buffalo Lawn & Landscape has been providing homeowners in the Buffalo area with high-quality lawn care and lawn maintenance services since 1981. Let us help you make your lawn and landscaping the pride of the neighborhood. Summer Maintenance Chores Now is the time to stake Delphiniums, hollyhocks and lupine. Keeping them upright will allow you to better enjoy their beauty and save surrounding …Read More

  3. End of Summer Chores

    Buffalo Lawn & Landscape has been serving the Buffalo area since 1981. We’ve provided lawn care, lawn maintenance as well as landscaping services for over three decades. Saplings we planted that first year are now tall, shade bearing trees. Time passes by quickly and we all feel that keenly at this time of the year when we see flowers fading but the days are still warm. We know what’s wait…Read More

  4. High Summer Garden Tips for Western New York

    Buffalo Lawn & Landscape provides year-round lawn care and landscaping services to the Buffalo area. High summer is upon us. Farmers are beginning to harvest crops, school supplies are in the stores and we are all trying to savor the summer warmth, the sunshine, and the freedom before school starts and a relentless winter descends to whiten the world once again. Our next few blogs will concent…Read More

  5. Micronutrients for a Healthy Lawn

    Buffalo Lawn and Landscape is Western New York’s and Buffalo’s best lawn care and landscape company. We offer customized fertilizer service as part of our lawn care services for all our customers. The starting point for giving your lawn what it needs is knowing what it lacks. To find out what it lacks, we conduct soil testing. In our last blog, we discussed the big three nutrients of nitrogen,…Read More

  6. Tricks of the Trade

    If you fancy yourself an amateur landscape architect, but can’t quite get the right look for your lawn, or are in need of cool ideas to try, let us give you some pointers. We are a locally owned professional lawn care service that has been in business for over 35 years. We serve western New York and are willing to serve you as well. There are benefits to a professional landscape such as, a profe…Read More

  7. Yes, But *Why* Is Their Grass Greener?

    Buffalo Lawn and Landscape is Buffalo’s lawn care specialist. We offer lawn fertilizer services to help you lawn be the healthiest lawn it can be. An unhealthy lawn with will have light green patches, or worse, brown patches. Let us diagnoses and treat any nutrient deficiencies your lawn may be experiencing. Nitrogen - is an essential mineral that is used in large quantities by a lawn.  The gra…Read More

  8. Know Thy Enemy 2/2

    Buffalo Land and Landscape is your full-service land maintenance company. We offer pest/insect control, tree and shrub care, lawn mowing and weed control. In this blog series, we are going over some common weeds if only so you know your enemy! Chickweed Also known as Starwood or satin flower, it grows out like a web. This weed is one of the most fascinating from a medicinal herb standpoint. Firs…Read More

  9. Make Your Dream Lawn

    Have you always wanted that dream lawn? The lawn that people walk by and have to stop and admire. Maybe they comment on the large flower blossoms or the green extensively manicured grass. Maybe you already have that, but you are finding that the rolling hills your grass is growing upon is a lot more difficult to take care of. There are a lot of variables that go into building and maintaining a nic…Read More

  10. Know Thy Enemy! 1/2

    Buffalo Land and Landscape is your full-service land maintenance company. We offer soil testing, lawn aeration, and a lawn care program.In this blog sereies we’ll talk about some common weeds. Some of them have fascinating histories and medicinal properties. But everyone knows, even a rose growing it the wrong place is a week.  Call us and we’ll have your take back your flower garden and lawn…Read More