Buffalo Lawn & Landscape knows lawn care and we will work hard to make your lawn the greenest and the healthiest blanket of lush green grass it can be. We know that having a green, healthy lawn is important to you and your family. Lawn maintenance is labor intensive and requires a balance of patience and intervention. We’ve got the know-how and the experience to put to use for you. Lawn care has several necessary components, all of which we are expert at.

Soil Testing – Without knowing what your lawn needs, it’s all guesswork. After a soil test, we know what nutrients your lawn is getting and which ones they need more of. We will test for nutrients as well as to find out the Ph level of your soil. The information from soil testing will be the basis of our lawn care program.

Lawn Aeration – Over time, all lawns become compacted. When this happens, air is squeezed out and the grassroots are subsequently deprived of much-needed oxygen. Aerating the lawn punctures the surface of the grass and makes holes that deliver air to the root level of the grass.

Power Seeding – If your lawn has seen better days, if it has bare spots or is just looking thin, power seeding can help! We apply a layer of seed, fertilizer, and wood pulp This process feeds and waters the seeds while they germinate, allowing a thicker lawn to grow. If you are just reseeding after a summer of heavy use or worried about erosion control, power seeding is a great way to reseed an area.


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