In this blog series, we’ve been discussing how lawn care includes caring for the creatures that frequent our lawn, are flower beds and our lives. Bees are essential to life on our planet and they are currently under pressure from chemical pesticides and new diseases. There are many simple ways we can help our pollinating friends. One great way to help them is by planting flowers that give them both nectar and pollen throughout the blooming season.

As we all know not all flowers bloom all summer so it is good to plan your bee-friendly flower garden so that there are blooming, pollen-bearing flowers from the first bloom in the spring (willow trees are good for this) until the last aster wilts under a heavy frost. Aromatics are a type of flower that bees and humans alike enjoy. This includes Russian Sage, Salvia, Bee Balm and lavender, creeping thyme are some aromatics to try. More flowers bees love are cosmos, asters, marigold, all mints (plant in pots to avoid them taking over your garden) sweet william, cone flower, lupine, butterfly bush,  Many  flowers have the added benefit of being repellent to mosquitoes so you can plant them knowing they will also help keep you garden a great place to sit as the sun goes down. These flowers include rosemary, horsemint, marigold, citronella, lemon thyme lavender and lemon balm. A simple internet search can give you more and we are sure you will find some you love. If you need help deciding, give us a call and our designers can help you.