Buffalo Lawn & Landscape has been serving the Buffalo area since 1981. We’ve provided lawn care, lawn maintenance as well as landscaping services for over three decades. Saplings we planted that first year are now tall, shade bearing trees. Time passes by quickly and we all feel that keenly at this time of the year when we see flowers fading but the days are still warm. We know what’s waiting for us when autumn creeps in. But for now, summer is still here and we have work to do! Late summer gardening chores will pay off in the long term by giving us a healthy garden and gives us an excuse to spend time outside with summer warmth.

Take Inventory

  • Walk around your garden and see what plants didn’t make it through the season and need to be replaced.
  • Take note of spots that are open and could take a planting, think about what color foliage and flowers are around the spot. When you pick a new plant you’ll want to find something that complements the other colors and textures.
  • Spot any vulnerable plants that could use some extra protection in the coming winter.
  • Now is the time to think about spring blooming bulbs. Order them so you are ready for October when you can plant them.
  • Have us dethatch your lawn! Thinning out the lawn helps it grow better in the spring.
  • Make a plan for fall planting of any shrubs or trees.
  • Broadleaved and Needle-leaved evergreens do best if planted in the fall. You must do this before October 1 to give the roots time to establish themselves.
  • Deciduous trees are best planted after they are dormant, so after they drop their leaves.

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