Buffalo Lawn & Landscape provides year-round lawn care and landscaping services to the Buffalo area. High summer is upon us. Farmers are beginning to harvest crops, school supplies are in the stores and we are all trying to savor the summer warmth, the sunshine, and the freedom before school starts and a relentless winter descends to whiten the world once again. Our next few blogs will concentrate on later summer chores to get done and tips to use as we head into autumn.

Extra Care for Potted Plants

  • Most pots of terra cotta, clay, or other natural material need to be moved inside for the winter to protect the plants and the pots from the extreme cold.
  • If any potted plants have cracked pots, let them dry out a bit and then move them to your potting area to be re-potted. The coming cold weather will make any crack worse. And they will likely split wide open.
  • If you have any plants, such as hibiscus, that need to be housed inside for the winter, now is a good time to ease them indoors. Doing this before temperatures fall into the 50’s at night will help them survive.
  • Give potted plants an extra shot of fertilizer to help them prepare for winter.
  • If you have perennials in any type of pot, bring them in for the winter. Even the hardiest of plants need the insulation that the ground provides and will die without it.


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