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In this blog series, we are going over some common weeds if only so you know your enemy!


Also known as Starwood or satin flower, it grows out like a web.

This weed is one of the most fascinating from a medicinal herb standpoint. Firstly, this weed is edible. It can be added to salads and is high in vitamins and minerals. It tastes something like spinach.The list of ills that it is said to cure is long.  In the middle ages, monks used this plant to treat gout, tuberculosis. Apparently it has anti-inflammatory properties. Eating too much however can cause vomiting, so you may want to leave it to medieval monks to prepare for medicine.


Moss brings out mixed feelings in people. One on hand it is lovely to touch and brings thoughts of cool, deep Finger Lake gorges with ferns and maybe a glimpse of a fairy riding a salamander. It seems timeless and soothing. And, on the other hand, it can take over your lawn. It is not true that moss grows only in the shade. Some varieties thrive in the sunlight. There seems to be some disagreement about whether moss prefers acidic soil or not. One reason you might have moss in your lawn is that the soil is compacted. Call us and set up an appointment for lawn aeration to help loosen up the soil and get some oxygen down into the soil as well.


If you find you lawn being invaded by weeds and you need some help, don’t hesitate to call us for weed control.