Buffalo Land and Landscape is your full-service land maintenance company. We offer soil testing, lawn aeration, and a lawn care program.In this blog sereies we’ll talk about some common weeds. Some of them have fascinating histories and medicinal properties. But everyone knows, even a rose growing it the wrong place is a week.  Call us and we’ll have your take back your flower garden and lawn from these weeds.


Clover is a perennial weed that grows happily in moist areas and loves nitrogen-depleted soil.

Clover is lovely for bees and little lambs but it’s maybe not so great growing in your lawn. In fact it attracts bees so if you have kids running through your lawn you might want to consider taking steps to rid your lawn of clover so that they do not get stung.  Applying nitrogen to your lawn can help discourage this weed. The red variety is said to have many medicinal purposes.


Creeping Charlie/Ground Ivy

Oh! The hours spent pulling this weed from my garden! It is called ground ivy because of the way it grows, by spreads and by rhizomes. Growing by rhizomes means it has rootstocks that grown, horizontally, spreading like a net over everything it can reach. This plant is sometimes grown on purpose to fill in shady spots but in a flower bed it tends to take over. This is actually a fascinating plant. It has been used for thousands of years as a medicine to combat scurvy (meaning it is high in vitamin C, and is used in poultice form for black eyes and bruises.

But unless you are running an herbal pharmacy this weed will be the bane of your summer existance. Call Buffalo Lawn and Landscape and we’ll help you clear this pesky guy out of your garden.