A professionally designed landscape can increase your home’s value by up to 15%. Buffalo Landscape’s award winning Landscaping designs and installations can help make people want to buy your home…even if it’s not for sale.

Most importantly, a professionally designed Buffalo Landscape landscape will increase your home’s livability. A well-balanced combination of healthy plants and well-chosen architectural features will make your property the ideal setting for family parties or just relaxing with a good book.

Every property is special, with its own potential areas for enhancement. Add trees, flower gardens, shrubs, a new patio or walkway or a unique water feature like a pond, waterfall or stream. Select from a host of choices to create your perfect outdoor space – from a single project to a comprehensive master plan – it’s what the pros at Buffalo Landscape do best.

Turn your grounds into your own paradise

Whatever it takes to transform your home’s landscape into the oasis you envision, we have the expertise, the equipment and the efficiency to realize your dream landscape.

Stone, brick, color, shape and texture are just some of elements that can be used in creating a beautiful and functional landscape. We always try to keep the ease of upkeep in mind so you won’t be bogged with lots of weekend landscape chores.