100_0545Green is good, but to make your outdoor environment really livable is to have some well placed “hardscapes” the provide structure and usability to your outdoor rooms. Just like in your house you depend on the foundation to support your family room, your outdoor family room also needs some basic foundation.

Our goal is to make those hardscape foundations more than just basic building blocks. We want them to be incorporated into your landscape so they appear natural and inviting — so that once done, you can’t imagine them not being there.

Hardscapes can be almost anything that is not living. Typically most people think of pavers, retaining walls, stamped concrete patios, but hardscapes also include natural stone, a fireplace, a pergola, a decorative fence or screen. The list could almost be endless.

Our design / build team will be happy to discuss different options that will be ideal solutions — landscape solutions that will fit your budget and look good. Call us today for your free landscape design consultation.