You’ve seen those lawns where you can’t imagine how they keep them so green and fresh looking. We can help you in on their secret: it’s water. With the right irrigation and sprinkler plan for your grounds, you can just set the timer, sit back and enjoy your new leisure time.

Large lawns to small, we can put together a system that will keep you happy and carefree, and your lawn will thrive. Call us to relieve your perennial headache.

Lawn & Landscape Sprinkler Systems Saves You Time and Effort

Why drag a garden hose all over your yard? Why wait for enough (or too much) water to be applied? Why worry about watering while you’re away? Once installed, your custom designed, automatic irrigation system will turn itself on and off automatically, saving you time and effort week after week, year after year. That means more free time for your favorite activities.

Once you program your irrigation / sprinkler system to meet your landscape’s particular needs, you never have to worry about a thing. Your system will automatically take care of watering on a regular schedule. You’ll be able to make fine tune adjustments— reduce or increase watering seasonally, skip a day for a special event— but, otherwise, your system takes care of everything by itself.

Increasing Home Value

Attractive landscaping requires a substantial investment and careful maintenance. Your automatic irrigation system protects that investment by assuring healthier, longer living plants. In addition, its convenience “upgrade” that measurably increases your property’s appraised value and curb appeal.

Why Wait?

Your Buffalo Landscape & Irrigation automatic irrigation system can be installed quickly, easily, and with minimal disruption to your existing landscape. For more information on a sprinkler system or a free estimate call 716-961-9431.