Aeration4Having your lawn aerated is a great way to reduce thatch, loosen compacted soils and make it easier for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your turf. Regular lawn aeration is an ideal way to keep your lawn, and more important, your soil, in top shape. 

Even with the best care available, lawns can thin out and lose color due to excessive thatch buildup, hard or compacted soils, or periods of high temperature, high humidity, or drought. Aerifying and overseeding is recognized by turf experts such as golf course superintendents as the best treatment to control thatch, reduce compaction, fill-in bare spots and revitalize growth.

aeration2A core aeration treatment removes small cores of soil and thatch to allow air, moisture and fertilizer to penetrate down to the root zone. The cores brought to the surface contain microorganisms, which help the breakdown of the woody thatch tissue. This allows the roots of existing grass plants to spread out and grow deeper, creating a healthier, thicker lawn.