Lawn care services start with hydroseeding to repair winter damage. Slowly but surely the winter weather is creeping back north. Before we know it real signs of spring will be at every turn: blooming flowers, tree leafing out, children running and yelling through the yard. We hope what they are running through is grass recovering from the brutal winter we just went through, but in many cases, it might be mud; mud that they and the dogs and a few adults will track into the house. That is one sign of spring I think we can all agree we could do without. Some of us will have to reseed our lawns this spring because of the winter die off, or maybe you have a new construction that didn’t get a lawn put in last fall. Either way we think the best way to seed or reseed a lawn is hydroseeding.

You’ve probably seen hydroseeding being used by municipalities on large stretches of public land or on commercial sites but it can be used for residential lawns
too. Have you seen the trucks rolling slowly along roads spraying out a green substance what seems to miraculously turn into a lush lawn in just weeks? Well,
that’s hydroseeding. It’s a blend of seeds, custom blended for your climate and location, with a paper/wood companion to provide the seed with moisture while
it germinates. It’s also to signal that it’s been seeded and to stay off. You’ll be so pleased when the illusion of grass turns into a lush carpet of grass for the dogs and kids to run and play on.