We all know Buffalo winters are usually full of heavy, wet lake-effect snow and this year has been one for the record books. With over 9 feet of snow and more in the forecast, your lawn’s soil is taking that weight and compressing it down, squeezing the air out of it and crushing the grass. It’s not too soon to hope for the snow to stop and for the melting snow to give way to crocuses and daffodils popping up their hopeful heads. And it’s not too soon to thing about spring lawn maintenance. After the weight of all that snow, lawns will be in dire need of aeration and fertilization.

What is aeration? Aerating a lawn involves perforating your lawn with small holes, leaving the plugs on top to break down and re-enter the soil. This enables oxygen to enter the soil and helps the growth and vitality of your lawn. Along with oxygen, all living things need food and yearly growth depletes the soil of its nutrients and so yearly fertilization is needed. We provide your lawn with both aeration services and fertilizer so you can enjoy your time off and eventually, when the warm weather returns, your luscious lawn.

Here at Buffalo Lawn and Landscape, we stand ready to haul out the aeration equipment and fertilizers to help your lawn be the green carpet we all love when it comes to our rejuvenating summer days. We know it’s still snowing but pull out your calendars with optimism and plan your lawn care. Give us a call and schedule your aeration and fertilization services.