Once you’ve done your regular maintenance on your mower and are ready for the spring mowing, you’ll want to think about the best mowing practices before you take her out for a spin. We’ve put together some mowing tips for you, but if you want to leave the mowing to us, give us a call and we’ll initiate a summer lawn maintenance program of lawn care for you so you can relax and leave the fertilizing, edging, mowing and pest control to us!


  1. Time your mowing. You don’t want to mow first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning the lawn will still be wet from dew. Wet grass cuts badly because it gets pushed over because it is wet, what gets cut will stick to your mower often causing it to cut out with frequency and making your mowing take longer and frustrating you. If you are mulching it the grass will clump together and shut out sunlight to the grass underneath causing dead spots.
  2. Never cut more than a third of the blade at a time. Because grass is a living thing cutting more than a third of the blade at one time is traumatizing to the lawn and can result in weakened grass that is vulnerable to pests and disease.  Depending on what type of grass you have in your lawn the final length should differ.
  3. Vary your cut. Don’t cut in the same pattern every time you mow and overlap your mowing track to ensure a healthy lawn.

We wish you a happy and relaxing summer, that all the mosquitoes were killed in the winter and that you remember in July that mowing grass has got to better than shoveling snow! If you need any help, be sure to give us a call!