We Don’t Guess, We Test

Understanding the existing elements found in your soil is critical to creating a customized lawn care program. This is done with us taking a soil sample that is then sent to an independent laboratory for a complete analysis.

Soil testing provides an estimate of the plant-available nutrients as well as organic matter in the soil and is an essential tool for a sound fertilization program. Periodic soil testing will help us further correct nutrient deficiencies, avoid excess fertilizer applications and maintain a healthy lawn.

Understanding what’s going on underneath your feet, provides valuable information so that just the right amount of nutrients and plant-building elements are present in your soil, and in the right proportions.

Soil testing measures the soil’s texture, acidity, nitrogen content, phosphorus content, and potassium content. These characteristics determine how well plants will grow in a particular soil.

Objectives of soil analysis and testing are to provide an index of nutrient availability or supply in a given soil. It is designed to evaluate a portion of the nutrients that can be used by the plant and to predict the probability of obtaining a profitable response to fertilizer application.

Soil testing helps provide a basis for fertilizer recommendations for a given plant and plan a nutrient management program.

  • Soil Testing helps individualize our services to your lawn. If we find low nutrient levels or the need for lime to help balance your soil’s pH level for optimum turf grass growth, corrective applications can be made so that our maintenance programs work better and your lawn looks better.
  • Most soils aren’t perfect for growing good lawns. Many lawns are growing on sub-soil excavated during new home construction. Soils can be markedly different from lawn to lawn, even in the same neighborhood.
  • A soil test is environmentally responsible. Only a soil test can tell us exactly what your lawn needs for optimum growth. Too much of anything can be harmful and we make sure that your lawn and landscape only gets what it needs.
  • Soils constantly undergo change. The quantity of plant nutrients in the soil changes as a result of changes in the soil, rainfall, clipping removal and the addition of fertilizer.
  • A soil test is the best way to tell if your soil can supply the nutrients needed for a good lawn. If everything is all right, our maintenance programs will take care of the needs of your lawn.
  • Lawns have minimum nutrient requirements below which plant health is sacrificed. Although nitrogen alone can produce a good looking lawn, long-term plant health cannot be assured unless other nutrients are present in the correct amounts and the soil pH is in the preferred range.
  • Our maintenance fertilizer programs will produce great looking lawns, if we know adequate nutrients are in the soil and the pH is in the preferred range. A soil test shows us where we are and whether our lawn needs any corrective applications.
  • A soil test tells us if you lawn is too acid or alkaline and shows us if levels of phosphorous and potassium are adequate. A soil test is the only way to know for sure.