Not all landscaping companies take the care that is necessary for proper landscape maintenance.  We believe in providing timely, complete services. We know that a garden and lawn have to be tended, managed, the year round.  We provide services for a year-round, holistic approach to lawn and landscape maintenance.

Among the services we provide are the following:


  • LAWN MOWING:   Lawn mowing is the foundation of a healthy yard, It has to be done at the right height and the right frequencies to keep your lawn healthy.
  • SPRING & FALL CLEANUPS:   Let us do the cleanup of all the fallen sticks and all the fallen leaves while you relax.
  • MULCHING:  Mulch helps keeps weeds down, and moisture up so less watering is needed.
  • SHRUB PRUNING:  Regular maintenance keeps shrubs not only looking great, but healthy too.
  • BED EDGING:   For a neat and trim looking landscape bed and sidewalk paths edging is needed, let us do it for you as part of our regular maintenance.
  • LEAF CLEANUP:   Leaves need to be cleaned up for appearance but also for the health of your yard and flower beds. Removing leaves in a timely manner keeps unhealthy bacteria to a minimum.
  • IRRIGATION SYSTEM OPENING & CLOSING: Timely closing and opening of your irrigation system can protect your system and have your system ready for summer watering.
  • IRRIGATION SYSTEM REPAIRS:   All irrigation systems need periodic repair and updating. Let our experts take care of your irrigation system for you.

Call (716) 247-4738 now to set up your landscaping  maintenance service schedule.