Buffalo Lawn and Landscape is your go-to lawn care company when it comes to lawn pest control. We offer perimeter pest control that creates a barrier between you and all those pesky critters that would like to get under your skin. Perimeter [pest control creates a ten-foot wide band around you house to help pests out. We love the idea of combining a perimeter pest control program with plantings that deter insects. Lucky for you these plants are some of the most desirable plants in the garden.

Plant Aromatics against Pests

  • Lavender  having lavender growing in the garden always gives a European flavor to a yard. They bring to mind fields of lavender growing in southern France with heat rising off the fields. They belong in your yard too, or in post close  to your conversation pit to keep you relaxed and mosquito free.
  • Rosemary. Another kitchen herb rides to the rescue when it comes to chasing away mosquitos. Mosquitoes don’t like it, but we do! Throw some in some olive oil, toss some cut chicken and potatoes and eat outside safe from mosquitoes.
  • Citronella You know the name from the flavor of candles and bug sprays but planting it in your garden can be an effective way to keep mosquitoes away. You can take cutting and put them in vases of water around the house to help keep any ones that get in the house at bay.

Call Buffalo Lawn and Landscape for pest control or to help you design a garden that has seasonal plantings to keep pests away from you while you are outside.