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Summer Maintenance Chores

  • Now is the time to stake Delphiniums, hollyhocks and lupine. Keeping them upright will allow you to better enjoy their beauty and save surrounding plants from being blanketed.
  • Continue to deadhead your flowers. Deadheading allows the plant to put energy into roots, growth and new flowers.
  • Some people like to leave the very last bloom of flowers go to seed to provide birds and small mammals a food supply for the winter.
  • Give your bird feeders the once over. Clean them and stock up on seed and suet for the fall.
  • Now is the time to plant flower seeds that need a cold season in order to germinate.
  • Weeds love hot and humid August weather. Keeping the in check for just a while longer will keep your garden looking great when the asters and pumpkins take over the landscape.
  • Plants that bloom in the spring can be propagated now. Examples of plants that should be divided now are Lilies, Irises, Lambs Ear, and Impatiens.
  • If you have a vegetable garden, you are likely elbow deep in zucchini. If you have had enough to last you, pull up the plants and compost them.
  • Fall is the time to plant garlic, rhubarb and asparagus so get out the catalogue and start shopping!
  • Get ready for fall lawn maintenance. Call us to get your lawn dethatched, aerated and reseeded. Give it enough time to take root before the first snows come.

Call Buffalo Lawn & landscape for your fall lawn maintenance. A well dethatched, aerated and reseeded lawn will be its own reward!