Oh Buffalo! How we all yearn for the winter weather to stop. It is now officially spring, but snow is still falling. But spring weather will come…  I promise. And when it does our spirits will rise like the tulip bulbs bravely coming out of the soil and eventually they will twirl like the maple seedlings that rain down on our lawns and sidewalk reminding us that life continues. We’ll forget this winter of seemingly endless snow and cold. As child in New York I loved running through lawns covered in crocuses trying hard to not step on any if the tiny flowers, never giving a thought to the needs of the lawn or the worries of grown-ups thinking about lawn maintenance. The carefree moments still come but thoughts of caring for my own lawn dominate. I think about what the lawn needs with regard to feeding and maintenance. The first thing I, and you, need to consider is listening to your lawn and the first step in this is what I call taking your lawn’s temperature. Soiling testing is the method by which we take its temperature.

Buffalo Lawn and Landscape takes your lawn temperature through soil testing and once we have the results we will know what your lawn needs are. Soil testing tells you, and us, what the Ph balance of your individual lawn is and with this information we can adjust the feeding regimen.  Buffalo Lawn and Landscape can then feed and aerate your lawn’s soil to make it the fertile bed from which your lush lawn will spring and provide you with the green carpet to run through just like you did when you were a kid.