Lawn care is caring for the creatures who live and pass through your yard too. And while we are not suggesting you build a skunk hostel, making your garden bee-friendly is a great way to help our little pollinating friends.

Honey bees are docile and do  not go out of their way to sting people. They only sting in self-defense. A bee hive in an amazing entity, it behaves as a single unit in many ways and bees will sacrifice themselves for the protection of the hive. Because their stinger is attached to their insides, a honey bee can sting only once as it kills itself in doing so. If something has stung you and there is no sign of a stinger being left behind, it was not a honey bee. A wasp, on the other hand, can sting over and over and is usually much more painful than a honey bee.

One easy way to welcome bees is to put out sugar water for them on cold mornings. Simply put a cookie sheet out on a stable surface and pour the sugar water into it. The important thing to do here is to criss-cross the pan with twigs that rise above the water so the bees have a place to land without drowning. This simple act can give the bees energy enough to begin their foraging for pollen from which they make honey. It’s a small thing for us to do but can mean a lot to the bees. It’s a really great thing to watch. They are gentle creatures and this is a great time to observe them and even photograph them up- close .