If you fancy yourself an amateur landscape architect, but can’t quite get the right look for your lawn, or are in need of cool ideas to try, let us give you some pointers. We are a locally owned professional lawn care service that has been in business for over 35 years. We serve western New York and are willing to serve you as well. There are benefits to a professional landscape such as, a professional landscape can add as much as 15 percent to the house’s value, and a professional landscaper, of our caliber, has a knowledge of the habitat that you may not have.
If you are still willing to try on your own, here are some easy tricks of the trade promised earlier. Adding large potted flower arrangements can really spruce up an area around a patio. You can spend the time watering these by hand, or you can run a drip irrigation system up through the pot and hide it in the mass of flowers. To get your flowers blooming beautifully, snap off the buds of already bloomed flowers. Flowers put a lot of their energy in blooms and “dead heading”, as it is called, stops the nutrient flow to the dead blooms. A large variety of arranged plants in a mulched area can have the controlled but wild look you may be going for.

Finally, we think a lush green lawn brings it all together. Our “we mean green” guarantee really means we mean green. Use lawn fertilizer 5400 to get that green you always wanted, just like we do.