Incorporating a water feature can be as simple as just adding a bird bath, but typically involves a little more thought and consideration into the long-term appreciation as well as long-term maintenance.

Water features typically involve some type of circulation to keep the water aerated and healthy. Larger water feature installations also include some type of filtration system.

Depending on your wants and budget we can create a simple natural looking pond to the more extravagant bubbling brook. Most water features become major focal points in your outdoor space which can be enhanced with soothing sounds and night-time lighting schemes that expand your families enjoyment of the feature.

The look of the water feature in your landscape should be based on a central theme. Formal landscapes might be better served with a water fountain of some type. Less formal landscape settings can be enhanced with a more natural-looking water feature such as a pond.

Pond features are ideal places for fish that add an additional element to the overall enhancement of the landscape. In our climate, ponds with fish need to be deep enough to allow the fish to survive our Western New York cold winters. Many fish can survive our winters if proper attention is paid to the installation. If you’re considering adding fish to your pond, let us know.