Buffalo Lawn and Landscape is Buffalo’s lawn care specialist.

We offer lawn fertilizer services to help you lawn be the healthiest lawn it can be. An unhealthy lawn with will have light green patches, or worse, brown patches. Let us diagnoses and treat any nutrient deficiencies your lawn may be experiencing.

Nitrogen – is an essential mineral that is used in large quantities by a lawn.  The grass accesses the nitrogen through its root system. Nitrogen stimulates shoot growth in grass giving your lawn a thick healthy appearance. Nitrogen is also an integral part of chlorophyll production, which is what makes grass green. Grass will be lighter green where the nitrogen has been depleted.

Phosphorus – This  mineral  is essential for the growth of roots. So if you have a starter lawn, meaning you are starting it from seed, you’ll want a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Phosphorus an Important player in photosynthesis, energy transfer and fruit and flower production.

Potassium  – Also important in the photosynthesis process as well as cell wall strength which is directly related to water retention. It helps the roots of the grass take firm hold in the soil and it is also essential to grass’s ability to absorbing other nutrients. So if it is low in potassium but high in everything else, it still won’t thrive because it won’t be able to absorb any of the nutrients. A lack of this nutrient can turn the blades of grass yellow at the edges or even purple at the tips.

Bags of fertilizer will have a set of three numbers on them these number are the percentage of these three minerals in the order of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Call Buffalo Land and Landscape and have us diagnose and treat and nutrient deficiency and get the gorgeous deep green lawn your want.