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Sod vs. Seeding: Which Is Best for Your Property?

Sod vs. Seeding: Which Is Best for Your Property?

When you’re faced with a lawn that needs to be revitalized, there are a couple of options to consider—laying down sod or adding grass seed. Grass seed is available in many different types and helps with adding more grass to areas that have thinned out or grow a new lawn in a few years, while sod is an option that creates an instantly green lawn.

Both options have their pros and cons. If you’re looking to repair your lawn at your residential or commercial property located in Cheektowaga, Lancaster, West Seneca, and the surrounding New York communities, here are some factors to look at when you’re considering sod vs. seeding.

Soil Preparation Is Key for Both Sod & Grass Seed

Unrolling sod in a Cheektowaga yard with soil that's been properly prepared.

No matter which option you choose, both need healthy soil in order to grow to their best health conditions. If soil isn’t up to par, the grass growth will suffer. At Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services, we can send out our professionals who are trained to assess soil quality and conditions. They can recommend the best ways to get your soil balanced before seed or sod is put down.

Pros of Sod Include Instantly Green Lawn, Erosion Control, Quick Turnaround Time, & More

When sod is installed at your property, you end up with a lawn that instantly looks green. It establishes itself quickly and can begin to control any soil erosion issues that you may have. Sod is also already grown to be strong, so it can fight off weed growth and help prevent those from taking...

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