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Healthy green lawn treated with a fertilizer program by Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services in Buffalo, NY.

Lawn Fertilization Services In Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, & Williamsville, NY Areas

Our We Mean Green program is a five treatment lawn fertilization service, which emphasizes optimal nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content as well as weed control and grub/insect control.

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Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services is your fertilization specialist servicing the Erie County and Niagara County, NY area.

Fertilizing your lawn is the key to a healthier, greener turf! With our, "We Mean Green Lawn Care Program", you will receive five treatments throughout the year, providing everything necessary to keep your lawn well-nourished. We perform our treatments over a span of five visits and incorporate weed control and grub/insect control as well. We offer our lawn fertilization services to Western New York (Erie County and Niagara County) including Buffalo, as well as Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, and other nearby communities.

Our proven method of fertilizing gives your lawn all the nutrients needed to nourish your grass at the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

When you choose our fertilization program, you'll receive:

  • Proper Fertilization
  • Crabgrass, Broadleaf, & Other Weed Control
  • Grub & Insect Control

Lush healthy lawn at a residential property in East Amherst after treated with fertilization package.

Our We Mean Green Lawn Care Program

Your five treatments are performed over the course of five visits throughout the year, starting with spring and ending with a winterization treatment.

  1. Early spring: This is the time of year to boost your lawn with a balanced fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control.
  2. Late spring: It is important to establish strength and growth during this time. We use a slow release, well-balanced fertilizer and weed control (as needed).
  3. Early/Late summer: With the hot weather, hitting Buffalo and the surrounding areas at this time, it is important to establish strength for the grass. Another treatment of slow-release fertilizer is given and weed control included (if needed).
  4. Early fall: This is the time to encourage new growth for your lawn. We want to green up the lawn and prepare it for winter. Our technicians do this using a blend of fertilizers, weed control, and time-released nitrogen.
  5. Winterizer: It is important to establish root development and build strength before the cold months with a balanced fertilizer that includes an increased percentage of nitrogen.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium - The Three Main Ingredients

Dry fertilizer on grass that is being taken over by weeds at a property in Lancaster, NYOur professionals are skilled at diagnosing and treating your lawn with the correct nutrients it needs to thrive. Some fertilization treatments may need to be altered depending on the current deficiencies in your lawn. Your lawn requires three main nutrients, N-P-K to grow correctly and maintain that vibrant, green look we all want in our yards. When you see numbers on a bag of fertilizer, for example, 10-10-10 it represents 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorous, and 10% Potassium.

Nitrogen is an essential mineral used in large quantities on lawns all year long. This mineral is responsible for the green in your grass as it is essential to the production of chlorophyll. If your grass is dull and merely light green, you likely have a nitrogen deficiency!

Phosphorus is necessary for the growth of roots. If you have a brand new lawn, your fertilizer should be high in phosphorus to promote healthy growth. Phosphorus is also important for fruit or flower production, photosynthesis, and energy transfer.

The final mineral needed for grass growth is potassium. This mineral is directly related to water retention and needed to retain and absorb other nutrients. If your grass has a potassium deficiency it can turn the blades yellow and your plants and turf will not be able to gain other nutrients to thrive.

Get a free We Mean Green lawn care fertilization consultation.

Our company will get your lawn on track this year! At Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services, we know how to test your lawn and customize a treatment plan that will grow greener grass and fewer weeds. If you live in Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, or other nearby areas in Western New York, call us today at (716) 961-9431 and set up your lawn inspection now!

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