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Irrigation & Sprinkler Services In Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, & Williamsville, NY Areas

For residential and commercial properties, we provide complete irrigation and sprinkler system repairs, upgrades, configurations, testing, and winterizing services.

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Irrigation repairs, upgrades, maintenance, testing, and winterizing for homes and businesses in the Erie County and Niagara County, NY areas.

A properly installed irrigation (or sprinkler) system can efficiently and effectively handle the watering needs of your lawn and all landscaping plants on your property. A sprinkler system that is not properly installed or configured can waste water and damage your lawn/landscape through overwatering or underwatering. For homes and businesses in Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, Orchard Park, and other Erie County and Niagara County locations, we are the top choice for irrigation services.

Irrigation watering a sports field in Williamsville, NY.

Testing and repairing your sprinkler system.

One thing about irrigation systems is they have a lot of moving parts. These parts are easily broken by careless mowing, weed-eating, or just break down over time. With our sprinkler repair services, we will test your entire system to ensure each zone is properly functioning. The most common issues we repair with sprinkler systems include:

  • Broken sprinkler heads from mowing.
  • Busted irrigation pipes leaking underground.
  • Sprinkler heads that don’t automatically lower.
  • Failing timers/clocks.
  • Installing Smart Irrigation Controllers

Configuring your irrigation system properly.

The purpose of your irrigation system is to save you time and properly water your lawn/landscape. However, if your sprinkler system is not properly configured, it could be doing the exact opposite. Your irrigation system is made up of several zones. Each of these zones are responsible for watering a specific area of your property. For each zone, we’ll ensure you have the proper sprinkler heads, proper placements, and the correct timing/watering schedule.

During the growing season, your sprinkler system should run for 20-30 minutes on each zone, 3 days per week.

Winterizing your irrigation/sprinkler system.

In Erie County, we must winterize our irrigation/sprinkler systems due to our cold winters. If you don’t winterize your system, there will still be water in the pipes that will freeze and can make your pipes break. Therefore, the main service in our winterizing service is to blow the water out of your irrigation pipes. During this time, we’ll also relieve any air pressure that has been built up.

Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services repairing an irrigation pipe at a property in East Amherst, NY.

Call for any irrigation repair, upgrade, or other sprinkler services needed.

At Buffalo Lawn & Pest Services, we’re experts when it comes to irrigation system repairs and upgrades. We service both residential and commercial properties located in Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, Orchard Park, Hamburg, and other surrounding areas. Call (716) 961-9431 to schedule an appointment with an irrigation specialist.

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