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A home in Lancaster, NY with a front lawn that has recently been mowed by Buffalo Lawn & Landscape.

Lawn Mowing Service In Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, & Williamsville, NY Areas

A consistent mowing schedule throughout the year keeps your lawn pristine. All mowing sessions include edging, weed-eating, and blowing. We cut at the proper heights for maximum benefits.

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We offer lawn mowing and maintenance services for Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, NY, and other nearby communities in Erie County and Niagara County.

At Buffalo Lawn & Landscape, we provide unparalleled mowing services that maintain the health and beauty of your lawn from April through November. Our mowing season generally offers 25-35 mows per year for Erie County and Niagara County, NY area lawns, To maintain proper heights, a weekly mowing schedule is required.

Large home with a large yard that was recently mowed in East Amherst, NY.

Mowing Consistency is Key

When it comes to caring for your property, consistency is key! Investing in weekly lawn mowing services will greatly improve the natural growth and look of your grass. Lawn mowing regularly is proven to:

  • Keep lawns at the correct height to receive optimal sun and hydration
  • Combat pests
  • Keep weeds from sprouting
  • Maintain a beautiful exterior for your home or business

Did you know grass clippings are about 75% water? We leave your grass clippings on the lawn after a mow to provide extra nutrients!

Mowing to the Proper Height Using the One-Third Rule

To reap the benefits of proper lawn mowing, we maintain the one-third rule with our mowing services. This means we will never cut more than one-third of the blade height in a mowing session. By leaving two-thirds of the blade, proper photosynthesis can occur and allows your grass to grow back stronger and healthier.

When it comes to proper height, it depends on the type of grass you have. For the Western New York area, cool-season grasses are best. The most common grasses in our area include Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine and Tall Fescues, and Creeping Bentgrass. These cool-season grasses benefit from being cut at taller heights, such as 3.5 inches. This allows the root system to grow deeper, the lawn to grow fewer weeds, and an overall better appearance in your lawn.

Using a string trimmer to trim around side walk and driveway at a residential property in Buffalo.

Edging, Weed-Eating, & Blowing Included, Too!

At Buffalo Lawn & Landscape, our lawn mowing services include basic maintenance for your property. In addition to mowing, each visit will also include:

  1. Edging - We give your sidewalks, walkways, and driveways fine, trimmed edges.
  2. String-Trimming (Weed-Eating) - We do string trimming around those hard to reach areas that a mowing will not cut it. We weed-eat around trees, near buildings, along fences, and other obstacles.
  3. Blowing - We complete your services by blowing your grass cuttings off sidewalks or driveways back into the lawn. This gives your property a finished look and provides extra nutrients to the grass.

Get on our mowing and maintenance schedule today.

Do not delay in getting professional lawn services. Our lawn maintenance team is well-trained and ready to take care of your property. If you're located in Buffalo, Lancaster, East Amherst, Williamsville, Orchard Park, Hamburg, or some other nearby area in Western New York, then you're in our service area. Call (716) 961-9431 for a free price quote and to get on our schedule.

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